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Amanda Hysted - Textiler

Amanda Hysted


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High Country Garden and Maze, 678 Piries-Goughs Bay Road, Goughs Bay, VIC 3723

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My Story

Amanda Hysted has been working as a textile designer and maker in Mountain Bay (North- east Victoria) since 2018.  As a child she made clothes for her dolls and later for herself. Later she was attracted to the performing arts, but found her first employment as a medical technician.


However the creative urge soon resulted in her successful auditioning for Rusden’s Dance and Drama program. After graduating in 1981, she worked professionally in Theatre in education, and later as a senior teacher of visual and performance arts before embarking upon postgraduate study in textile arts and technology. After moving to the UK where she lived with her family for over a decade she worked in education and hospitality, but the demands of family and work meant that she found little time for her textiles.

Since returning to Australia she worked hard to develop her craft skills in design and making and has produced a significant output of bags, quilts and other craft items. Amanda has become increasingly committed to the fabric arts and finds inspiration for her work in all kinds of places. She specially enjoys creating unique designs and styles using a wide range of fabrics. According to her, there are just not enough hours in the day for her to be able to successfully complete all her creative schemes.

Amanda has become an active member of High Country Quilting group and enjoys working with other artists. She now enjoys the rustic life and finds continued challenges to inspire and excite her creative passions.

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