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Carol Guy - Painter

Carol Guy


Carol Ann Designs

My Story

Carol Guy is an artist and resides in Mansfield Victoria. Art is her passion and she particularly enjoys working with mediums such as alcohol inks, acrylic paints and more recently resin. She loves nature and fauna and will quite often incorporate them into her artwork.


Carol Guy is a country girl at heart, making a decision with her husband Geoff to make a tree change in 1994 and move to Tolmie to raise their two young children. They carefully designed and built their lovely rustic home of mud brick and locally sourced timber on 13 acres, enjoying all that country living provides.

After the children grew up, Carol was able to further pursue her passion in visual arts, exploring various mediums in order to capture her love of flora and fauna. The colours and textures of the country inspire her work and  are reflected in recent art pieces exhibited in galleries and shops across Mansfield.


Carol enjoys working with alcohol links, acrylic paints and more recently, resin. She continues to explore these mediums, learning how they can help her visualise and express her responses to the beautiful environment she lives in.


Carol is always pleasantly surprised with the outcome of her completed art pieces and enjoys sharing these with others

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