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Cecile Berger - Encaustic Artist

Cecile Berger

Encaustic Artist

The Hive Encaustic Art Studio

Find Me

MACS, Shed 2F, 10 Crosbys Lane, Mansfield, VIC, 3722

My Story

Cécile Berger is an encaustic artist, who uses beeswax, damar resin, pigment, and heat to build layer upon layer of molten wax to a variety of surfaces. The subject of her work varies from representational landscapes to more ethereal abstracts. All her pieces are very tactile and often she encourages the viewer to touch the surface to further experience the charm of the encaustic.


Cécile had been experimenting with various art mediums and styles until she discovered international artists creating luminous art with molten wax. She immediately fell in love with seeing through the smooth or textural layers of wax and discovering the earlier marks made, colours used, or embedded materials below.


The immense creative potential of the various techniques that can be applied using wax, and the ability for other media and materials to be incorporated was a huge drawcard for Cécile. She says one of the most exciting things about working with wax is using a blow torch or heat gun to push the boundaries of what wax can do.

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