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My Story

After trying ceramics classes at a local studio, Clarissa quickly became hooked on clay and enjoyed learning how to throw and expand her knowledge on all things clay.

In her home garden studio on the edge of Mansfield, Clarissa uses bright colours and carving clay to get different textures and patterns on her wheel thrown pieces. It is something Clarissa really enjoys and finds quite meditative and relaxing.

Further studies into glaze chemistry have also opened a whole new area of ceramics to explore where she now creates and produces her own glazes that have a myriad of different colour, textures, and finishes.

She also takes inspiration from the simplicity of nature often marbling different clays together then using that as a base to contrast her own bright glazes. As clay is such a tactile medium the joy of holding a vessel in your hands and the way it feels and fits also influences the shapes Clarissa makes in her functional pieces of art.

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