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My Story

David Hole is a luthier specialising in hand-building classical and acoustic guitars from Australian tonewoods since 2016.

He is in the early stages of setting up a guitar-building school in his workshop in Mansfield (with partner Rachel) and looks forward to showing future students (or anyone interested) around the studio.

David has played classical guitar for many years and has recently started composing. As a player, he has a good ear for the best tonewoods to use. Every piece of wood is unique, and he enjoys the journey of uncovering each guitar’s potential, as every guitar has an individual voice and will suit a certain style of music.  He is friends with the classical guitarist, Daniel Nistico, who has helped provide guidance and advice on guitar tone and playability.

David builds guitars alongside his day job but is hoping to one day open his long-wished-for guitar-making school.   He and his partner look forward to showing you into their workshop and answering any questions you may have.

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