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Diana Kilford - Potter & Ceramicist

Diana Kilford

Potter & Ceramicist

Jamieson Ceramics Studio

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Diana Kilford has been teaching and displaying her ceramics for many years in her studio in Jamieson. She works in both earthenware and stoneware clay and her work is suitable for the house and garden.


Diana Kilford has worked with ceramics for more than 30 years, and for the last 10 years she has taught and displayed her work in Jamieson.

She continues to be inspired by the beautiful garden surrounding her studio and while most of her work is for use in the kitchen and on the dining table, she does produce pieces for the outdoors. Her work is displayed in the Jamieson Arts and Gardens Gallery in Jamieson in addition to her studio.

Diana experiments with a variety of clays and produces a number of her own glazes and can be found most days either working on her potters wheel or assisting others to create their own unique pieces.

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