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Eliza Foster - Textiler

Eliza Foster


Rescued Textiles by Eliza

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My Story

After retiring from forty years in business manufacturing large timber & canvas outdoor shade umbrellas, Eliza found it difficult to sit and do “nothing”.  Having learned to sew at age 12, she was inspired by a couple of Queensland girls who started up “Boomerang Bags”,  (turning old curtains and fabrics into shopping bags, to help people move away from single use plastic).

After making 2000 bags for Community centres on Mornington Peninsula, Eliza moved to Merrijig and began creating useful household items.   These include Wheat Heat packs (made with a washable pillowslip style cover), Microwave Bowl cosies, Tea & Coffee Caddies, Car tidies, Posh Cloths, Mesh Produce Bags, Washable Face Masks, and Shopping tote bags. 

Fabrics are durable, washable, and can enjoy many incarnations.


Eliza’s mother Lucy came from Ukraine, where, as a child, her family grew their own hemp, threshed it, spun it, and wove it into fabric. Lucy would dunk this fabric into the river, then run up the grassy banks to let the fabric dry (many times).  The sun would bleach it white.  The resulting sheets and towels made for her “glory box” were expected to last her entire lifetime!

Eliza grew up in Shepparton in the 1950’s, and has witnessed a life with NO plastic (except the new “Tupperware”!) to a world dominated by plastic, and would like to see everyone carrying their own shopping tote bags with them!

Shopping tote bags made with love, from fabrics that deserve to live out their full useful life!

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