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Fiona Wood - Painter, Jewellery Maker & Potter

Fiona Wood

Painter, Jewellery Maker & Potter

Fiona Wood Art

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Fiona loves nature and flowers, and her artworks are predominantly florals, Australian native plants, and animals.  She is happiest experimenting with assorted styles and using different mediums. She paints on canvas, wood & pots, makes earrings, and does ceramics. Her work is available in several shops including Made in Mansfield. Fiona exhibits her paintings in several art shows each year.  Fiona often attaches messages to her artworks to encourage positivity and wellbeing.  She makes kindness pods, pocket hugs, wish bracelets and gratitude bells.

Fiona’s property and studio are located next door to the Tolmie Recreation Reserve (home of the Tolmie Sports). She creates her artworks in a custom-built studio at the end of a long driveway. Outside is a huge hand painted mural which Fiona is continuously adding to.  Fiona loves gardening and she is lucky to have kangaroos, wombats and many birds visit her property.  She has alpacas, goats, cows, a miniature pony, chickens, ducks plus many more pets.  Her family fosters kittens and Fiona went to Costa Rica this year to volunteer with sloths.  Her love of animals and nature very much reflects in her art.

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