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Freddie Leong  -  Photographer

Freddie Leong


Oaktree Gallery

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Freddie K.Y. Leong and wife Angie, has been a resident of Jamieson for the last 17 years and they own and manage the Jamieson Valley Retreat. Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, Freddie trained as a registered nurse in UK, where he met and married his wife Angie, they migrated to Australia in 1980.

Freddie’s photographic skills are self-taught. his passion is nature photography from underwater critters and soft corals to landscapes, birds and flowers. Freddie had published two books. The first book titled “Underwater Wonders of the Mornington Peninsula” showcase the abundance and beauty of marine life around Port Phillip and Western Port Bays, which sold around 5 thousand copies. His second book titled "Alpine Country – Victoria” showcase the beautiful sceneries surrounding Jamieson and the High Country. Printed 3,000 copies, almost sold out.

Freddie set up Oaktree Gallery about 12 years ago, to display and sales of my canvas prints in the ground of Jamieson Valley Retreat.


Freddie maintains that the secret to capturing a good and interesting photo is the composition and patience it takes to check that the composition is balance before clicking the shutter.


"I don’t depend on my photography for a living, but it gives me so much satisfaction and happiness, when strangers likes my photos enough, to part with their hard earned cash."

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