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Jackie McDonald - Paniter & Resign Artist

Jackie McDonald

Painter & Resin Artist

Jackie McDonald Art

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My Story

Jackie has been visiting Mansfield for over 30 years moving here permanently 12 years ago. Working many years as a wedding photographer then moving to a farm on the outskirts of Mansfield she couldn’t help seeing all the beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises this led her to painting. Retiring at that time gave her more time to spend on her painting passion.


She enjoys pour painting with acrylic paint, using many different styles and mixed media, all with different effects to create landscapes and horizons that each person sees something different in the painting. Moving onto resin finding it very versatile, coating most of her paintings with resin, giving them a lot of depth also making the colours pop. 


Jackie also enjoys creating wth resin, it started with coating my acrylic paintings and quickly moved on to trays, coasters and bowls all with individual beauty. 

She is constantly trying new effects and new ideas in her work and feels she is improving day by day. 

She has sold many paintings at art markets and through commissions, her resin art has sold very well at markets and online. 

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