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Jeff Reid - Carpenter, Palletize

Jeff Reid



My Story

Jeff Reid is a craftsman of bespoke furniture.

Utilising reclaimed timber, Jeff crafts one-off pieces of furniture including tables, benches, shelves and frames. He takes commissions for custom pieces and also produces a steady stream of more utilitarian pieces that he sells from the Mansfield Arts Collective Studios.

Jeff has always made sawdust and shavings.


He studied to become an industrial arts teacher but did not pursue that career. Life and circumstances took him in a different direction. He went to Bourke in 2000 and began picture framing in the gallery owned by him and Rhonda Parcel. Jeff moved to Newcastle and collected chairs to refurbish. His interest expanded when Jeff and Rhonda retired to Mansfield. He loves to design and build eclectic pieces out of recycled and reclaimed timber. Being interested in how things are done has allowed Jeff to experiment with resin work and steel for legs and stands. Jeff said "People are amazed by the quality of my work after seeing the mess that I have in my shed. It's simple really as I have an attention to detail and a desire for perfection"

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