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Joslyn Kent - Photographer

Joslyn Kent


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My Story

Joslyn Kent is a photographer that currently takes a special interest in creative landscapes. With over a decade of various industry experience, she aims to capture interesting artwork using various photography techniques to create interesting and captivating imagery.


Formally trained as a graphic designer, Joslyn worked professionally with print medium before finding herself travelling and living overseas for a number of years which saw her land a dream job as a professional photographer on the slopes of Whistler in British Columbia in Canada.


Once she returned to Australia, she lived on Daydream Island in the Whitsunday Islands and worked as a professional portrait photographer with a totally different landscape to play with! This is truly when she started experimenting with different photography techniques and capturing images even in the peace of darkness at night in the beautiful scenery that she was surrounded by.


Now having settled in Mansfield Victoria in Australia, there is a whole new world of imagery to capture and a plethora of material to point her Canon 5D Mark iii camera at. Often an image can be imagined by Joslyn and then she will feel a sense of need to try to capture what she has envisaged. This doesn’t always work out, but the beauty of creativity and experimentation means that sometimes an image might exceed even her own expectations once finished.  

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