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Joy Forrest - Ceramicist

Joy Forrest


Tickety Boo Ceramics

Find Me

1015 Howes Creek Road, Mansfield, VIC, 3722

My Story

Joy Forrest has been working with terracotta & porcelain clay. Her work is inspired by the organic shapes you see in everyday life. Joy has lived in the area most of her life, living on a small sheep farm just out of Mansfield.

Over the last 10 years Joy has attended Pam Sumpter’s classes in her Howes Creek studio and loved the relaxed atmosphere and advice from Pam's years of knowledge in the art of pottery.

One of her first pottery teachers in the 90s was with Kym Stubbs who taught her the basics of glazes, colour mixing etc.

Joy's inspiration comes from her friends, the brilliant colours in her local area, and from her mum's encouragement in the past.

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