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Karen Pirie - Textiler, Potter & Ceramicist

Karen Pirie

Textiler, Potter & Ceramicist

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My Story

Over many years Karen has indulged a creative bent to play with many materials. Fabric, fibres, metal, clay and paper to name a few.  She still loves working with many different materials sometimes combining them to experiment with different outcomes.

For her, clay is an exciting medium. “It’s malleable texture gives way to formal structured shapes and more random expressions. Once it’s in your hands you never know where it will lead you”.

Karen often makes costumes for our local theatre company (MMuDS). Playing with clay after working with fabric and fitting outfits to people is a great way for Karen to change paradigm and focus on something different.

The ceramic works Karen is creating at the moment are mostly sculptural and decorative but this year she taught herself to throw pots on the wheel as an opportunity to experience the medium in a different way.

It’s in her nature to have a lot of different materials and inspiration to spark off so she prefers keep many things within eyesight and within reach.

Karen looks forward to welcoming people to her working studio.

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