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Lisa Gunn

Fluid Artist

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“Fluid Art is 1 part Science, 2 parts Art and 3 parts Magic” (Revolutionary Artitude)


Lisa Gunn has lived in Mansfield Victoria with her husband and triplets since 2014. She was drawn to Art and Crafts since her school years and loves going to a Gallery and spending hours looking at all the genres of art.

In 2017 Lisa found Fluid Art on YouTube, it fascinated her and she knew it was something she could do. For a year she painted with this new medium.

Life got in the way and she stopped.

In 2019 she went back to YouTube and found Rinske Douna, a Fluid Artist. Lisa was intrigued and fascinated by her techniques and knew she had to try this. Lisa also found Olga Soby and Molly’s Artistry. These 3 women have been instrumental in Lisa’s painting journey and have inspired her greatly.

Acrylic Pouring, Fluid/Flow Art is abstract painting that uses acrylic, house paint, pigment powder, inks and pouring mediums mixed together to form a runny (fluid) consistency. Something amazing and beautiful comes from this chaotic and messy painting medium.

Lisa loves this style of painting. She has been playing with Alcohol Inks also. Lisa says it frees her mind, it’s de-stressing, and it allows her to just be in the moment and enjoy. Being fluid, the paint moves with subtle manipulation and the final results are surprising. No two paintings are ever the same.

There are many techniques in this painting genre that Lisa is constantly learning. She is inspired by the colours of nature and the world around her, also other YouTube artists she has discovered.

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