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Nicky Goudberg - Drawer

Nicky Goudberg


High Country Gardens, Gallery & Maze

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My Story

Nicky is a rainforest ecologist from the far northern tropics who started drawing for the first time when she retired a few years ago. Her preferred media are pastels and pencils. She loves using pastels for the rich colours they provide, and pencils for the fine detail often needed to represent feather and fur.

While Nicky loves drawing birds and animals, she recently started exploring plants as subjects for her work. Selling her work through her café at High Country Gardens, Gallery, and Maze, she tries to balance her gardening passion with that for her art. Inspiration comes from both her 2ha display garden, and the wildlife that she encounters in the High Country. “In the crazy world we live in, I find art is a mindful activity that replenishes my soul and brings me joy”, she said. 

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