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Rhonda Parcel - Mixed Media Artist

Rhonda Parcel

Mixed Media Artist

Find Me

MACS, Shed 2F 10 Crosbys Lane, Mansfield, VIC, 3722

My Story

Rhonda Parcel has retired to Mansfield and is building a studio and gallery at her home.  Rhonda is an accomplished mixed media artist and has exhibited widely throughout NSW and Victoria selling many works along the way.  She has received many awards over the years.

Rhonda has been making art for as long as she can remember from early childhood to the present.  She finds that she expresses herself through her work saying “making art makes me whole.”

In early adulthood she studied at Meadowbank Technical College in Sydney while working in cartoon animation.  She completed a certificate course at Dubbo TAFE College in the 1980’s.  However she really blossomed when she attended a workshop conducted by Judith White a well known mixed media artist.  Rhonda relishes the freedom of expression that using various mediums allows.  She is inspired by the world around her.  Her cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes are her escapes that are good for her mental health.

Rhonda says that a major challenge for her as an artist is to produce consistently good work without being over critical of herself.  She overcomes the challenge by seeking feedback from her audience.  She sees herself further exploring abstraction in her mixed media painting.

Rhonda sees her future involving entering more and more art prizes with works produced in her open studio gallery at her home.

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