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Sally Harvey - Textiler & Printer

Sally Harvey

Textiler & Printer

Crockett Print

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My Story

Designing and manufacturing under the label ‘Crockett Print', Sally Harvey is an RMIT graduate working as a freelance textile designer and printer, and now multimedia artist.


Based in the Victorian High Country, Sally is driven by environmental sustainability and the fundamental principles of ethical supply and 'Australian made’. She strives to source locally produced fibre and material wherever possible, and has taken the concept of sustainability one step further with mirrors made from discarded furniture.


Rather than have unwanted furniture sent to landfill or burned, Sally deconstructs and reconfigures the components into new items. Drawing on traditional woodwork skills, learned in her father's workshop, she brings discarded and broken furniture back to life, giving it an alternative useful form. 


As a textile printer, Sally has developed a 'dry print' process to minimise water consumption and the use of dyestuffs, producing high quality, individual, hand-printed pieces, on ethically sourced materials.


The Crockett Print studio is set within the picturesque surrounds of Sally’s Mansfield property, where she indulges her other passion, breeding Arabian horses. 

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