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Sarah Armsden - Ceramicist

Sarah Armsden


Tickety Boo Ceramics

Find Me

1015 Howes creek road, Mansfield, VIC, 3722

My Story

Sarah Armsden is new to the pottery world and loving every minute of it.  

Sarah has found a passion for pottery and wheel thrown ceramics with a soft spot for stoneware, earthy tones and fluid forms.  Her pieces are uniquely individual and shaped by the ever changing seasons and mountain surrounds of Mansfield.  

Sarah is lucky enough to be a part of Tickety Boo Ceramics, a studio situated just outside of Mansfield.
She enjoys her fellow studio creatives finding lifelong friendships through her art. She finds that there is magic in sharing a space, ideas and inspirations with other creatives and is chuffed to have found this space and her new love for pottery!

Sarah would like to continue to create pieces that change with the seasons, live in your home and are handed down for years to come. She has an extensive ceramic collection from all over the world, with a new piece added from each adventure and would love to think that maybe one day one of her pieces could end up across the oceans and collected and loved by another creative soul.

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