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Sue Binzer - Painter & Mosaic Artist

Sue Binzer

Painter & Mosaic Artist

Riven Studio

Find Me

70 Lochiel Road, Barwite, VIC, 3722

My Story

At some point in the last decade Sue Binzer learned that people benefit enormously from activities that are wholly for creative pleasure. Intrigued, she began an exploration that ballooned into hours of discovery, a huge slush pile, classes in artistic disciplines, workshops, friendships in an art community, and eventually Riven Studio, a place in which to enjoy it all. 

Sue is entranced by the medium of watercolour and the beauty of pigment in water. The artist must work with what has been given, which is so much like life. With a background in ecology and zoology, she is an avid nature journalist, endeavouring to paint or draw something from life most days and simply wonder about it. 

Sue’s other art practice is mosaic – the word comes from the Latin “muse,” from which is derived the word ‘music.’ Mosaic uses small tiles instead of notes. She likens it to ‘one part painting, one part jigsaw, one part masonry, one part meditation,’ and loves that the first thing a child does with a mosaic is touch it. Sue is drawn to both classical and contemporary styles and to the uses of natural stone, marbles, and Italian glass. Works can last indefinitely, and she has recently completed a large mosaic work with the local Aboriginal community at the Gadhaba Gathering Place in Mansfield. Sue has a plan to run workshops at Riven Studio in the future. 

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