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Susila Naidu - Painter & Photographer

Susila Naidu

Painter & Photographer

By Susila

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My Story

Susila Naidu is a painter and photographer who lives in Merrijig. She studied illustration and fine art as a younger woman, and has always expressed herself through creativity of one form or another. Living in Merrijig full time was always her dream, and now that she is there the landscape has re -inspired her to paint, draw and photograph the dramatic beauty that surrounds her.

Susila’s paintings are generally mixed media, and are not planned in any conventional way. Rather, an image or inspiration will be in her mind, and when creating she will reach for whatever medium feels right at the time, in that it will have the texture and colour that is required for the mark she is making.

Susila is inspired to paint essentially as it is through the act of creation that she processes her feelings regarding the natural environment, which is the place that she feels most content, and always filled with wonder. Susila usually paints and photographs images that do not contain any human – made structures, as she feels that nature creates beauty and perfection in it’s symmetry, asymmetry and astonishing colour palette. The colours in her paintings are often vibrant, contrasting and surprising. The use of colour in her work is the thing that brings her the most joy, and also inspiration to create.

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