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Tara Purcell


Wild Mint Acres

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My Story

Tara Purcell grew up in Mansfield, going to the local secondary college and excelling at the artistic subjects of her senior years. Creating some pretty dramatic final pieces inclusive of subject matter on roadkill and deadly sins, there was an interest in a morbid quality to her work.

After school, the mediums changed but the creative outlet continues as she designed and sewed her own clothing, hoodies and festival wear.

Then as travelling became her primary lifestyle, the development of creation moulded to the ability of moving around with materials. Tara began different styles of jewellery making, macrame and crystals, binding and wrapping feathers and earrings with leather and metal, and hand sewing leather garments, pouches and belts. In a few years living in Vancouver, the acquisition of a sewing machine allowed for sewing elaborate themed tutus, for herself and the members of a large Carnival Band she was a part of.

After 10 years of transient movement, settling down and appointing a stationary studio, only then did she reignite the execution of painting. Acrylic and canvas. The first few pieces of loved pets and Canadian wildlife. Subject matter from then strongly depicted birds and animals.

There have been some commission pieces of horses and pets. Though her passion lays in the spirits of wild animals.

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