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Tony Pridham


Tony Pridham Fine Art

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Birds have always been Tony's passion. He has devoted his artistic endeavors towards birds for nearly 40 years.


A keen naturalist, Tony can often be seen in the surrounds of the High Country birdwatching. In fact he’s binoculars are never far away. It is this understanding of the biology of birds that give Tony's work there integrity and accuracy. Primarily using oils in a highly realistic manner.


Although Tony first love is Australian birds, he travels widely exploring new ideas and bird species. From Hummingbirds in Ecuador to Hornbills in Africa. Books and bird paintings have a long association in Australia. From Gould through to Cooper. This country has a proud history of publications in this field. Tonys realistic and accurate bird paintings have continued that proud tradition. Most notably his award winning monographic book titled “ Grassfinches in Australia “.


The artist is also well known for his Equine Art. Having been commissioned to paint Melbourne Cup winners like Media puzzle to recent champions like Black Caviar. He brings the same degree of accuracy and observation to his horse art , as he does to his Birds. Tonys painting of champion horse Wakeful hangs in Victoria’s Racing Museum.


In recent years Tony has begun expressing himself with figurative charcoals.

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