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Uschi Steedman - Mixed Media Painter & Drawer

Uschi Steedman

Mixed Media Painter & Drawer

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My Story

Uschi is a mixed media painter and drawer with a passion for colour and movement. She draws inspiration from the human form and nature; and sees art as a place to explore, play and liberate expression.

Beyond the canvas Uschi is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and dancer. And her fascination for human movement and the flow of energy through life are reflected in her vibrant figurative pieces.

Her journey with art began early in life when her artist father nurtured her curiosity for the “magic” of mixing colour and passed on the belief that “all art is simply observation”.

Nowadays time at the easel is a chance to unwind and find a sense of presence and freedom… Often accompanied with loud music and a few dance moves to loosen things up!

In future, Uschi hopes to branch out and explore jewellery making – but for now she’s content splashing paint on canvases and hopes to inspire a sense of freedom and movement in others along the way

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